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Content Management Systems
Who said Professional Content Management Systems are expensive? The time is changing, while the 'Leading' Content Management Systems live on the money of huge enterprises, the smaller systems rapidly implement the same functionality and are able to serve the client technically the same possibilities. Saturno-WebWare delivers a flexible system which includes all the basic needs for small and large companies.

Management Information Systems
Do you own a company where everybody keeps running around looking for the right information? Then a Management Information System is your solution. The system that we created keeps track of all your data based on user accounts, so you decide what people can access directly from their computer.


Consulting Service
Our Consultancy Service will help you with all your Information Technology issues. From a new internal network to modelling of your database or just a second opinion you can ask us.

Education service
Our Education Service will teach you and your personnel to work with an Information Technology Solution supplied by a partner or us. Current courses at the moment: 1. Content Management Systems 2. Network Security 3. Database Modelling

Customer Support
For all our products and services we offer additional support. Click here to find out about the benefits.


Partner program
By combining our products and services with those of our partners, we can deliver broader solutions. Our integrated business solutions help customers achieve a quick return on investment and sustainable competitive advantage. When we work together with our partners, everyone wins. Our customers achieve superior business results, and our partners and we gain new opportunities for growth.

Consulting partners give advise over new network infrastructures, security, database modelling and inter/intra/extra net solutions.

Software partners can help you develop your own products or internal programs.

Design partners deliver the new look of your program, website or brochure.


At the moment our current customers are in the following categories: - Print and Internet publishing. - Educational institutes. - Marketing agencies. - Hard and Software resellers.

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Tuesday 17 May 2022
 New version coming.
The new version of the Content Management System is coming. It will include enhanced workflow support and more functionality to maintain a portal with internal websites. Contact us for a live demo and learn how you and your company can update web information in a structured and user dependent way.
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