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content manager demo online
There is a new Content Management System Demo online.

VPN for Business Renting installed.
For a company with 3 offices in spain we installed a Virtual Private Network which works over the internet.

Manager Course about Information Security
Together with one of our partners we developed a new course for managers who are willing to learn more about Information Security.

Remote Management trough a firewall
This week we installed a new Remote Management Service to a client who does not have an own system administrator. We will now do this service with our remote monitoring programs and assist in system administrator tasks.

Real Estate Portal
We have confirmation about the development of the new Real Estate Portal in Spain. On this portal visitors will have access to all the available houses in Spain and are able to make an appointment directly online.

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Monday 29 May 2023
 New version coming.
The new version of the Content Management System is coming. It will include enhanced workflow support and more functionality to maintain a portal with internal websites. Contact us for a live demo and learn how you and your company can update web information in a structured and user dependent way.
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