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Content Management
Management Information
First steps in setting up your CMS.
The Content Management System of Saturno-WebWare is a complete system with all the flexibility needed for any company.

After going online.
The purpose of a website is to be dynamic, in other words: you are responsible to update your website and keep the site interesting for your visitors.

How does it work?
Like any CMS there are templates for pages and templates for content.

Smart implementations
In many cases the client only wants to maintain content for a page and does not want to put new content to a page manually. We offer smart content templates which are placed only once on a page together with a content group.

What is needed?
The system runs completely on a webserver. This server can be unix, linux or windows. The recomended webserver for unix and linux is offcourse the Apache webserver and for windows the standard Internet Information Server.

Technical questions
- Does the system use XML?

Friday 2 December 2022
 New version coming.
The new version of the Content Management System is coming. It will include enhanced workflow support and more functionality to maintain a portal with internal websites. Contact us for a live demo and learn how you and your company can update web information in a structured and user dependent way.
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