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Consulting Service
Our Consultancy Service will help you with all your Information Technology issues.
From a new internal network to modelling of your database or just a second opinion you can ask us.
Some examples:

Our company has 4 offices in the country and now needs to share database information in a secure way. How to do this?
It is necessary to setup a Virtual Private Network between the offices. From that point simple file sharing is possible.
To make the access to the database simpler, a graphical user interface can be developed with user permissions.

Our company received an ADSL connection, how are we protected against hackers?
The standard ADSL connection offers no protection at all. There is no full protection against hackers, but you can make it difficult to break in.
It is necessary to install at least one firewall and a monitoring program, which checks the status 24 hours a day.

Our database is becoming slow and outdated but we need it every day so when can we upgrade or reconsider the database model?
Analyze the database model and all the data flow. Create a new database model in the type best needed for this situation. Create a way to synchronize the data between the old and the new system. Test the new environment until satisfied and then make the switch to the new system.
Thursday 7 July 2022
 New version coming.
The new version of the Content Management System is coming. It will include enhanced workflow support and more functionality to maintain a portal with internal websites. Contact us for a live demo and learn how you and your company can update web information in a structured and user dependent way.
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