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Education service
Our Education Service will teach you and your personnel to work with an Information Technology Solution supplied by a partner or us.
Current courses at the moment:

1. Content Management System The Basics
In this lesson we explain the basics of a CMS and the terms used.
2. Content Management System Updating
This explains how to update your site for the diverse roles in your company.
3. Content Management System Advanced
Will teach you how to create new templates and implementations.

4. Security The Basics
This course explains how to protect your company to digital attacks.
5. Security Advanced
All the possible ways for protection mechanisms and some basic hacking.

6. Databases - The Basics
Basic training on how to define your tables and the way to implement this in a database of your choice.

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Thursday 7 July 2022
 New version coming.
The new version of the Content Management System is coming. It will include enhanced workflow support and more functionality to maintain a portal with internal websites. Contact us for a live demo and learn how you and your company can update web information in a structured and user dependent way.
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